Crawler for Small Pipe Welds

The Phased Array low profile crawler LPS-01 and LPS-02 are compatible with Phased Array ultrasonic flaw detector which is used to perform circumferential weld inspection on small diameter pipes.



  • Compact lightweight portable water proof and rust-free.
  • Probes and wedges can be quickly and easily changed.
  • Support up to two phased array probes to cover the whole welds at one time.
  • Covers standard pipes with outside diameters ranging from 20.32-114.3mm (0.84-4.5 inch)
  • Can be operated within 15mm clearanceperfect for hard-to-reach area inspection.
  • Encoder precision: 32.6step/mm
  • The probe spacing can be adjusted in the range of 0-55 mm.
  • Crawler can provide stable and constant pressure around the pipe full circumference.
  • Urethane wheels help the crawler have smooth radial movement along the pipe and reduce axial drift.
  • Positive inspection and reverse inspection with high reproducibility and good coupling.
  • With its simple buckle design just easily buckle up and unbuckle the links for different pipe diameters(No need to disassemble the whole scanner).
  • Two inspection methods: one-side inspection and dual-side inspection.

● Function

Two inspection methods: one-side inspection and dual-side inspection

One-side inspection is suitable for elbow pipe tee and pipe cap of pipe-to-component inspection

Dual-side inspection is suitable for covering the whole welds at one time of pipe-to-pipe inspection

Low-profile Phased Array Probe

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