Foldable Phased Array & TOFD Crawler

The Phased Array and TOFD crawler UHTS-X02 is compatible with PA or TOFD ultrasonic flaw detector. It can be folded in the center for longitudinal weld and unfolded for girth weld enabling the crawler have better coupling stability to work on smaller pipes suitable for phased array or TOFD testing on plates and pipe workpieces (with diameter larger than 500mm).



  • Standard configured as two channels TOFD crawler
  • Support Phased Array probes
  • Support up to 3 pairs of probe holders simultaneously.
  • The magnetic wheels can be attracted to the tested work piece for easy operation.
  • Spring guide way structure which follows the tested surface maintaining good coupling between the wedge and the tested work piece.

● Function

The Phased Array and TOFD crawler UHTS-X02 has up to six combinations to meet different application requirements.

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