Free 2D Corrosion Mapping Scanner

The MPS-02 is used for PA Inspection on corrosion. It can be used for PA testing on small&medium areas, immersion pipeline and even for scanning in any direction in two-dimensional space.



  • IP68
  • Suitable for pipe OD≥100mm and plate with wall thickness ≥4mm
  • Wide coverage, high density C-scan, double crystal and PA focusing
  • Real-time display of probe position and statistical information
  • Customizable probe holder size, suitable for a variety of probe types
  • Magnetic or rubber wheels for your option
  • Mouse shape design for easy control
  • Only a little water to achieve good coupling on flat or small curvature surface

● Function

The MPS-02 is used with SyncScan2 instrument, DLA probe and special solution & analysis software to achieve free 2D corrosion solution.

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